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How About The Ultra-Long Standby Performance Of PA46 Under The Test Of High Temperature? - MW Filament

How About The Ultra-Long Standby Performance Of PA46 Under The Test Of High Temperature? - MW Filament


High temperatures are coming! Are you ready?

I believe that the topic of these days is inseparable from the word "high temperature". Continued high temperature, scorching sun and exposure to the sun are inseparable, presenting tremendous challenges and difficulties for open-air operations, and plastic equipment, utensils, and tools must undergo a great "baking" experience.

 heat wave 

High-temperature nylon

Plastics are classified according to the continuous use temperature and can be divided into general plastics, engineering plastics and high-temperature engineering plastics. High-temperature plastics are also called heat-resistant plastics, high-performance plastics, and special engineering plastics. The temperature has an important influence on the molecular structure of a material, and its physical properties also change with temperature.

 Types of plastics

Currently, in the market, the demand for high-temperature nylon is increasing year by year. In addition to the existing PEEK high-temperature series products, Mingwang also focuses on PA46. PA46 is also known as temperature-resistant nylon, and its high toughness properties make PA46 more widely used.


The melting point of PA46 is 295°C, and the HDT (heat distortion temperature) of unreinforced PA46 reaches 160°C. After glass fiber reinforcement, its HDT can reach 290°C, and the long-term use temperature reaches 163°C. The unique structure of PA46 imparts unique properties that other materials cannot achieve.


Features of high-temperature nylon PA46

Features of high-temperature nylon PA46 

 - Excellent thermal insulation properties

- Excellent processability and flowability

- Superior compressive strength

- Good self-lubrication

- Excellent high temperature creep resistance

- Unparalleled toughness in high-temperature resistant nylon

Application areas of PA46

PA46 has unparalleled performance and value in filament application. Its excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, low friction, and fluidity under high-temperature conditions are often used in hair brush filament and industrial brush filament.



hairbrush filament


We need to use a hair dryer when we take care of our hair in professional hair salons or at home. The temperature of the hair dryer is between 140°C and 150°C, and sometimes even reaches 180°C. Tools in the working environment need to have stable temperature and heat resistance.



The PA46 brush filament produced by Mingwang is a high-end brush filament in temperature-resistant nylon. It has excellent thermal insulation performance, plus unparalleled toughness, which cannot deform under a high-temperature environment for a long time.



Industrial brush

In the industrial production process, industrial brushes are needed for cleaning and dust removal. Under the high-temperature production environment, higher requirements are placed on the brush filament's wear resistance, elasticity, heat resistance and ageing resistance. In contrast, the ordinary plastic brush filament is easily bent and deformed in the face of a high-temperature environment, which leads to the shortening of the service life of the brush.


industrial brush filament


The industrial brush filament made of high-temperature resistant nylon PA46 has a very high heat deformation temperature, the heat deformation temperature range is 180-200 ℃, the temperature resistance is good, and it will not deform and warp when heated. It is suitable for a variety of high-temperature industrial production work environments.


According to the needs of the industry, Mingwang has developed ultra-high temperature PA46 nylon wool to meet the requirements of various high-temperature environments and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. Mingwang's PA46 uses high-quality raw materials to produce, which has excellent high-temperature resistance and anti-ageing properties, and also ensures the mechanical properties and chemical stability of the brush filament, whether it is a professional hairdressing hairbrush, steam brush, or food machinery hairbrush, industrial brush and other fields, have incomparable advantages. With professional production experience, high-quality product quality and a good reputation, it has won the recognition of domestic and foreign customers.

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