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Important | Things you need to know about flame retardant brush filament! - MWFilament

Important | Things you need to know about flame retardant brush filament! - MWFilament


A relentless fire can instantly destroy everything, and fires are frequent in the summer, so you need to pay particular attention to prevention and put in place flame retardant materials such as flame retardant glass, flame retardant paint, and flame retardant shield door brushes for family homes, office buildings and public places.


Flame retardant materials add flame retardants to make the protected objects have flame retardancy, so adding flame retardants is an important means to delay the spread of fire.


Flame retardants are divided into organic and inorganic, that is, halogen and non-halogen, generally speaking, halogen flame retardants in plastic filament has a very good affinity, but environmental safety issues are always a hidden problem, the public has more worries about this. The non-halogen flame retardants have excellent performance, low toxicity, good flame retardant, cheap, is a more economical and practical environmentally friendly flame retardants.

 flame retardantROHS

The balance point between fire prevention and environmental protection is an important node in the future development of flame retardant products. Guangzhou Mingwang always pays attention to this aspect and minimizes the potential hazards of flame retardants to human body and environment by adding halogen-free flame retardants, and develops a low-smoke and non-toxic flame retardant nylon brush filament with flame retardant effect up to UL-94V0 level.



01 Highest flame retardant level


Carrying out flame retardant testing and strengthening the control of flame retardant performance of materials is a key link for enterprises to ensure product quality and gain competitive advantage. UL94 is widely used for flame retardant evaluation of various materials due to its scientific evaluation method and adaptability, and the flame retardant performance of plastic filament is determined directly by fire burning test.


In the vertical combustion test, Mingwang brush filament was extinguished immediately after leaving the fire,  and there was no burning material drops, no white smoke and no irritating odor, which confirms that Mingwang flame retardant brush filament reaches UL-94V0 level.


Comparison of combustion test    

Ordinary brush filament performance

flame retardant brush filament performance 


① Comparison of combustion test between flame retardant brush filament and ordinary brush filament.

 Ordinary brush filament burns fast and drips easily.

③ The flame of flame retardant brush filament is extinguished in 5 seconds, and there is no drops of plastic, white smoke or irritant smell.



02 EU Certification


The environment-friendly nylon filament certified by the European Union does not contain heavy metal substances and meets RoHS 10 test certification. The flame retardant brush filament has also passed ASTM E 662-13A standard test method for specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials, astm c1166-06 standard test method for flame propagation of dense and cellular elastomeric gaskets and accessories and SMP 800C toxic gas test.


eu certification


03 Wear resistant without deformation


Mingwang nylon filament has a unique high elasticity recovery, through 1 million times of high-speed friction test, nylon flame retardant filament does not shedding, not deformed, not afraid of the test of high-frequency operation of escalators.


flame retardant brush filament

flame retardant brush filamentflame retardant brush filament



04 Color diversity


Mingwang has not only improved the flame retardant performance of Nylon filament, but also improved the color of brush filament for different kinds of environments, Using imported flame retardant materials, we have successfully developed orange and yellow flame retardant filament for warning and reminding people, which is widely used in elevator brushes, escalator brushes, subway shield door brushes and other brushes that need flame retardant and warning.








Minwang will not stop at this point in the production and research of flame retardant brush filament, but will enhance the quality control of flame retardant brush filament and increase the research on flame retardant properties to realize more possibilities in the field of flame retardant.

nylon 6 brush filaments

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