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What Can PEEK Brush Filaments Be Used For?- Mingwang Filament

What Can PEEK Brush Filaments Be Used For?- Mingwang Filament


PEEK, one of the special engineering plastics located at the tip of the plastic pyramid, is monopolized by overseas companies due to its high processing difficulty. In recent years, with the advancement of domestic raw materials and technological breakthroughs, several new PEEK filament manufacturers have emerged in the Chinese market, and Mingwang is one of them.


Mingwang is committed to providing customers with high-quality and unique PEEK filaments around the mainstream trend of sustainable development. At present, PEEK filaments are mainly used in the following applications:


1 mouthpiece brushes


mouthpiece brushes 


The aryl and ketone groups in the PEEK structure provide hardness, can ensure good mechanical properties and high melting points, have good biocompatibility and are non-toxic. It is the preferred filament for making electronic cigarette mouth brushes.


2 medical brushes


 medical brushes


Brushes for medical cleaning require frequent contact with various chemical agents, so the brush filaments require high chemical stability. PEEK has excellent chemical stability, strength, stiffness and toughness. It is not afraid of water, oil, halogenated hydrocarbons, ordinary acids and alkalis at room temperature. It is only soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid and can be repeatedly sterilized at high temperatures. It is very suitable for medical devices. It is also the preferred filament for various medical and test tube brushes.


3 industrial brushes


 industrial brushes


PEEK has excellent insulation performance and good weather resistance and can achieve the UL94-V0 flame retardant effect even without adding flame retardants. It has low smoke generation and low volatile toxicity. It is used in production operations that generate static electricity and explosive powder. The environment can reduce the occurrence of accidents.

peek filament

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